Zenith Game Plan

Cost: $99 - $299/month


  • An analysis of your financial position

  • Personalized consultation to establish financial goals and objectives

  • A customized plan to achieve your goals

    • Implementation of saving automation 

    • Monthly monitoring and optimization

High Yield Cash Management

Cost: 0.2% (deducted from interest earned)


  • A dynamic, cash management account structured to progress your plan to your goals

  • Higher interest earned than most high yield savings accounts

  • A direct link to your checking/payment accounts

  • A user friendly platform

Investment Management

Cost: 0.8% (deducted from investment account)


  • Analysis of current investment risk and exposures

  • Custom, personalized investment portfolio

  • Daily monitoring of risk and exposures

  • Sourcing, screening, and implementation of alternative investments, capital projects, and real assets

Zenith Community

Cost: Free


  • Empowerment by connecting individuals with the same common goal: increasing net worth

  • A schedule of events to engage with our your peers

  • Our commitment to source value add strategic partnerships, resources, tools, and people for your benefit