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Zenith hires Rafi Hares as a part-time intern

Philadelphia – April 2, 2020. Zenith Solutions, an emerging independent financial planner and investment advisor, today announced that it has hired Rafi Hares as a part-time intern.

“By adding Rafi to the Zenith team, we are better able to engage, educate, and empower our community of investors, financial planning clients, and interested parties,” commented Jason Ray, Founder & CEO of Zenith Solutions.

 I’m extremely excited to have Rafi join the team while he’s home from Swarthmore College this semester. His surprisingly extensive experience providing financial education and understanding individuals financial related objectives will be an added benefit to Zenith’s community.

Rafi is a senior at Swarthmore College. He is the co-founder and co-President of SWIFT, a financial literacy organization dedicated to empowering college students with the knowledge they need to succeed financially after college. He also serves as a council member for the Swarthmore Student Budgeting Committee, where he helps student organizations formulate their budget plans for the year. Post-graduation (expected May 2020), Rafi is hoping for placement at Fidelity Investments in their Wealth Management division. Here is his LinkedIn profile to learn more about him.

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Zenith Solutions is an emerging financial planning and investment advisory firm dedicated to advancing a community that inspires financial confidence by delivering equitable opportunities to create wealth. The firm is addressing racial and age-based wealth inequality by providing education, financial planning, and investment opportunities to people underserved by the traditional wealth management industry. Zenith is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Visit to learn more and contact us regarding media or press inquiries.

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