• Jason M. Ray

Investing with a PURPOSE

Investing is a critical component of wealth creation and financial freedom.

Bloomberg recently reported that the wealth of the US population’s wealthiest 1% (“The 1%”) has almost surpassed the ENTIRE wealth of the middle and upper class of the population combined.

Further, the top 10% of the US population control over 63% of the nation’s wealth. Why? Primarily, because of their investments. Take a close look at the below chart — wealth inequality has been accelerating since the recessionary period in 2008–09.

There are 2 dynamics contributing to this growing inequality. The first is a reported fact, while the second is my opinion, supported by facts.

  1. The 1% owns over 50% of stock investments held by US households (Goldman Sachs, 2019)

  2. The 1% invest in better performing and more purposeful investments than others

While the first bullet is a fact, there are plenty of new technology-enabled tools in the market to help people invest like Robinhood, Acorns, and Betterment — among others. Anyone can start investing with $1.

The ability and access to invest does not correlate to creating wealth through investing. Investing is a difficult task and requires a repeatable, emotionless process to have a chance to perform well.

The reason that The 1% generate better investment results is that they overwhelmingly (75% of high net worth individuals) write down their financial plan and work with a high quality financial advisor to achieve the goals outlined in the plan. They invest systematically to make sure they generate returns substantial enough to achieve these goals.

These investments come in all shapes and sizes, specifically tailored for their goal requirements. Understanding the long term goal costs allow them to take the right amount of investment risk to achieve them.

Investing with a purpose, as outlined above, will likely produce a better result than investing without a purpose. Most people cannot access a high-quality financial advisor who serves the 1%. This leaves most people in a dilemma between investing on their own, using impersonal technology solutions, or over-paying for a financial advisor.

This dilemma is the reason why wealth inequality PERSISTS in America. The dilemma is precisely the reason that Zenith Solutions was created. We are a high quality financial advisory firm with exposure to The 1%’s wealth creation strategies. We will use this exposure to create millions of dollars of wealth with our clients.

Zenith’s investment process extracts best practices, current economic views, and the best ideas from top money managers for the benefit of our clients. We are in a unique position to help everyday people grow their net worth through financial planning, goal-setting, and investing.

Work with us to create a purpose in your personal investment process.


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