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Technology-powered wealth creation

Technological innovation is a key component of economic growth. People and technology are the main drivers of economic growth. Technology is also a key driver of your ability to create wealth.

There are 3 simple ways to increase your net worth — increasing your income, increasing assets, or decreasing expenses and liabilities. An overwhelming amount of technology based tools have been created to help individuals reach their financial goals. It is hard to determine what tools to use and trust to grow your net worth.

Zenith Solutions empowers people and companies to implement automation, technology, and purpose to their finances for long term wealth creation.

Let’s explore some of today’s useful technology for growing your net worth.

-SwagBucks will pay you to shop online and watch videos and IndexDollar will pay you to read emails and play online games. Both of these can enable you to increase your income during your down time!

-Digit will analyze your past spending patterns to automatically save the optimal account for your long term goals, while Acorns will invest your spare change in public markets and empower your money to work for you!

-ShopTagr will help you spend less on items you need and Ibotta provides spending rewards when you submit your receipts, which can position your for more cash rewards when you need to spend!

While these tools are easily accessible, what is the best way to implement them? Why should you use one tool over another?

Without a game plan, it’s hard to determine which tools you can use and what risks each of them present. For example, Acorns is a terrific tool to start investing. However, Acorns only invests in broad, publicly traded securities that can significantly increase your money’s exposure to systematic market risk. You should absolutely have something in place to mitigate this risk!

Zenith Solutions has a process to manage investment risk that can benefit you. We compile global market views and flows, changing macroeconomic variables like currency exchange, inflation, and interest rates to create our investment portfolios. Very similar to wealth creating tools like the ones listed above, there is a plethora of data repositories (like FRED and EDGAR) out there that can help form investment views. Zenith’s process consists of finding relevant and significant sources of data, compiling this data efficiently, and expressing lessons from the data in investment portfolios. The goal of this process is to help our clients outperform broader investment platforms like Acorns, while mitigating downside volatility and risk.

Investing can help increase both your income and assets. It is a critical part of the wealth creation process and should be approached professionally to ensure success.

Are you ready to create and grow wealth for yourself in 2020? Let’s talk about how you’re going to accomplish it!


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