Building wealth should be simple.

We proactively deliver accessible financial education and advice to make it easier.

Zenith's proactivity and objectivity creates clarity and confidence for our community

Zenith offers the optimal

financial advice relationship

We built a platform that meets you where you are financially. It's designed to deliver the financial services you need to create long term wealth. 

We envision a society in which the high quality information necessary to be wealthy is available to those who seek it.

Zenith's education and advice is objective and easy to understand. Our clients learn their financial options. Zenith acts as a fiduciary and proactive accountability partner. We collectively invest confidently and achieve higher levels of wealth together. 

We are here for your success. Ask any financial questions and we'll respond with our best thoughts, no strings attached. 

Your advisor

Jason Ray is Zenith's founder & lead advisor. He delivers financial education and advice to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Jason started Zenith to create wealth equality in our society. 

Your tech

Once you've started with Zenith, you will have access to the latest visualization, investment, and planning technology. You will be empowered to use financial technology to its greatest benefit for you. 

Personalized education to empower you to understand all of your financial options. Expect emails, videos, and social media delivery of trends, investing concepts, and ideas. 

Proactive advice and a customized growth plan to meet your needs and goals. Complete with a financial fitness checkup, Zenith's proprietary Surplus Program, expense insights, and access to Zenith's alternative investment platform. 

Break free from your current relationship with money. Zenith's proprietary Money Freedom process will enable your money to work for you by creating an income producing machine

Our Programs

Join our community. Get your questions answered. Find clarity.


We will quickly follow up to create value in your life.

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