We are transforming capitalism. Everyone should have access to the knowledge and tools to achieve wealth. 

Our economic environment presents new challenges. Therefore, you need new tools and ideas to thrive financially.

Zenith Solutions educates and empowers our clients with the tools and knowledge to succeed today and tomorrow. We are not your traditional wealth management firm. We created Zenith to advance society by providing high quality financial advice to communities traditionally without access. 

Our services are focused on you.

You will reach your goals
Your investments will be positioned for growth
Your money will work harder for you
Your network will be enriched with quality people

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Jason Ray

Founder & CEO

Jason Ray is an entrepreneur and fee only investment professional. He is the founder of Zenith Solutions, working on his passion to help people become more wealthy and reach their full financial potential. He began his career in Lincoln Financial Group's Leadership Preparation Program. He then went on to educate financial advisors on the benefits of investing in alternative asset classes at FS Investments. After FS, Jason moved on to Carnegie Wealth Management to provide investment advice, create financial plans, source and conduct due diligence on investment managers, and construct an investment platform. His experience has led him to create Zenith Solutions, as he wants to bring his investment skillset to his own network of colleagues, family, and friends.

Benjamin Hazel

Co-Founder & President

Benjamin Hazel is a fee only investment professional focused on creating a community of individuals and businesses striving to achieve higher levels of wealth. He began his career educating financial advisors on the benefits of insurance, specifically annuities, at Lincoln Financial Group. From there, Ben went on to Mainstay Funds to focus on educating advisors and raising money for core strategy investment vehicles, specifically mutual funds and ETFs. He then joined JP Morgan Chase to widen his exposure to core strategy investment vehicles, and educate financial advisors on business best practices, portfolio construction, client acquisition, and market research. His experience working with over 1,500 financial advisors has given him great insight in how to build a successful advisory firm.


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